On September 2009 George Khun and his team introduced a series of short but comprehensive massage courses. His company "Massage Therapists" which is based in Athens-Greece, also offers a variety of massage services to local and foreign guests. Feel free to read some of our “TripAdvisor” reviews.

Mr. Khun is always keeping a very close eye on most of the developments and international trends in this field (Wellness and massage services). At one point it became very clear to him that massage training in Greece lacked the necessary professionalism and quality standards. In order to respond to the increasing demand in "Quality" massage services, he decided to launch his own training courses.

Greece is a well known tourist destination with a long history in hospitality and leisure services. Quite often various establishments such as 5 star hotels and Spas, contact Mr. Khun and his team and seek highly skilled professionals to add to their workforce. His students of course have access to this pool of job offerings which are not only limited to Greece.
  • Im speech­less actu­ally. its been 3 yrs to be exact since i pam­pered myself. im doing it now. hav­ing a mas­sage and gain­ing some knowl­edge for the advance­ment of my career is a deci­sion i will never regret. thanks George, ur one of a kind instruc­tor. Del B., Athens
  • I recently attended the Body Oil massage course. The course was comprehensive and quite demanding I must admit. It gave me the confidence though to perform massages right away (practice with friends). I believe that I will be ready in a few weeks and I am thinking to apply for work in a hotel in the Greek islands. Lars Nilsson, Göteborg
  • Mr. Khun, I will find time and visit Athens again when I save some money and find the time. Next time I would like to try the Thai yoga seminar with my girlfriend (if the discount still stands). The Oil massage seminar was great, thorough, intense and simply "mind blowing"! Thank you so much. Emanuel Carrilho, Seville
  • Dear Teacher, It's been a wonderful week. I realy enjoyed the Traditional Thai massage seminar last year. I never believed that it would have such a great impact on my skills. Now I feel more confident when I perform massage and I have learned to focus more on my body posture. Christina Bauer, Osnabrück  
  • Thank you George Khun & team for making massage so understandable. You do not stay on the basics as some other  massage schools. Your seminars don't focus only on techniques, but you helped me develope a deeper sence of my obligations as a massage therapist. Michel Andre, Nantes
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