Why don’t you offer weekend courses?

We sin­cerely believe that the ideal way to learn the “art” of mas­sage is when the train­ing process has a con­stant and unin­ter­rupted flow. With­out long […]

Are there any dangers in this profession?

The way I personally see it, dangers exist in every profession. As far as massage is concerned, surely there are some “pitfalls” which one (especially the […]

Does massage need extreme physical power?

Physical power as strange as it may seem to you, is not so important in our line of work. If you correct your body posture and […]

Massage Trial

Visit us and let us demon­strate to you how we work and what we exactly teach. Accept our invi­ta­tion and come over for a full body […]

New Seminars soon

Very soon we will add new programs to our curriculum (Hot Stone Massage & Thai Foot Massage). So feel free to visit us again and check […]

First seminars in English

From January 2010, we are very pleased to be able to start offering our Massage Seminars to an English speaking audience. For those of you who […]
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