Due to the increasing demand for highly skilled Massage Therapists from hotels during the summer season, we have launched a series of “Advanced” courses which aim to help fulfill this need.
These courses are even more intensive than our regular 6-day seminars and aim to train or re-educate massage professionals with limited (or simply outdated) knowledge and small working experience. We talk directly with the hotel management and together we carefully design short and tailor-made courses in order to address their specific needs.

Our training events can take place either at the hotel's location or at our training center. The duration of the courses can vary from 6 to 8 days, depending on the massage techniques included in our agreement and the required readiness of your personnel. Training takes place from early in the morning till sundown, with short breaks in between.

The tailor-made packages which we offer for 2016 include:

"Thai Yoga Massage" and "Body Oil Massage" techniques.

Our aim is:

  • to assist these therapists re-think and improve their techniques,
  • to correct their body posture to a maximum level and to maintain a low "Maximum Voluntary Contraction" (MVC),
  • to offer a better understanding of terms such like: body mechanics, trigger points, energy lines,
  • to address the most frequent problems with guests,
  • to go through contraindications, precautions, intake forms and health related issues etc.
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