In order to receive our "Certificate of Attendance", our students should first comply with a series of rules and regulations, which are mentioned bellow

General Terms

Α. Mandatory Attendance

Uninterrupted attendance throughout the entire seminar is a must. However some requests (due to Force Majeure) can be accepted, in case some students need to deviate from the official class schedule. They should of course inform us before their enrollment.

Any inexcusable absence from class can breach the group's coherence and decrease its efficiency; therefore we will be forced to even disqualify students from their course. However, these students will be granted the opportunity to join a future group and continue at a later date.

Due to the intense nature and the short duration of our courses, we are forced to act in a way that will protect the necessary team spirit, in order to guarantee the success of the entire group. Team work is very important for us, therefore we strongly advise all of our future students to organize their time schedules beforehand.

B. Successful execution of all intermediate demonstrations (informal exams).

C. Full Payment of Tuition fees.

Additional Terms

  • Our students must arrive always on time. Simply put, "punctuality is professionalism".
  • Our students are obligated to show signs of good behavior and pure interest in their schooling; they must behave courteously and maintain the team spirit. They must fully comply with our terms and regulations.
  • Τhey must show the proper respect towards their instructors and fellow students. Signs of racism, xenophobia, arrogant behavior & lack of respect towards others, will not be tolerated.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in our premises.
  • It is very important that all students take care of their personal appearance and hygiene. Long hair must be neatly groomed, finger nails must be cut short and the ladies must avoid excessive use of make-up.


  • In case of illness, injuries or any other form of physical or mental weakness, which prohibits compliance with our terms and regulations, we highly recommend that our students immediately inform their instructors.
  • Individuals with skin diseases on any other form of contagious medical condition, are strongly advised to postpone their training until they are completely fit to continue.
  • We highly advise to have a small meal at least 1 hour before class (a light breakfast would be just fine). All kind of meals, coffee and any other types of beverages will not be allowed on our premises.
  • Please avoid bringing large sums of money or other items of great value with you. If you wear jewelry or even body piercing accessories, we recommend that you leave them home.

During the seminars, all students should bring along with them:

A pair of slippers, a pair of loose sweat-trousers, a T-shirt & an extra pair of clean socks.

Payment Terms

Deposit & Full Payment

  • In order to complete the booking process and guarantee availability, our students are asked to make a Deposit (down payment) of € 50.00.
  • Full Payment should take place (at the latest) before classes begin.
  • In any case of cancellation, the deposit cannot be refunded.

Forms of Payment

We prefer payment in Cash, but for the down payment our future students can also proceed online via Credit Card (PayPal). You can find the related buttons on the description page of each course.

In the case you wish to pay the entire fee with credit card, a 4% surcharge applies (bank commissions). Contact us for detailed instructions.

All transactions are secure and guaranteed by the PayPal online processing system.

Please note that you don't need a PayPal account in order to proceed.  



Refund Policy

After Full Payment has taken place, we WILL NOT accept any request for refunds. You are always welcome to visit us beforehand and evaluate our teaching methods. Bellow we describe two possible scenarios:

  • In cases of "Force Majeure", in which our students must interrupt their training, we are willing to consider if they can be accepted in a future seminar (at no additional cost). In this case, only the course director can determine if such an exception can be applied or not.
  • When a student is encouraged to withdraw from the course, this means that he or she failed (more than once) to comply with our terms and regulations. Therefore, under no circumstances will the student be entitled to a refund, nor will we be obligated to award this student with any type of certification.


  • Our tuition fees may change at any moment without any prior notice.
  • By reading this webpage and by paying the tuition fees, our students automatically acknowledge that they fully accept all of or our terms and regulations.
  • All our prices mentioned throughout this website, are exclusive of V.A.T. 24%.
  • The fees applicable for each and every student will be determined from the published prices that apply on the date in which he or she enrolls for a specific course.
  • Our fees remain the same for all, local and international students and they are in Euros.

Our 6-Day courses are considered by some to be extremely demanding (due to the limited time and the vast teaching material). For this reason, we expect our students to settle all of their obligations beforehand, in order to avoid any distractions during those days. We expect our students to be 100% focused on their schooling.

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