Is there something you still can't figure out about us and our Seminars? Then please have a look bellow.
?Why don't you offer weekend courses?
We sin­cerely believe that the ideal way to learn the “art” of mas­sage is when the train­ing process has a con­stant and unin­ter­rupted flow. With­out long peri­ods of inter­rup­tions and end­less week­day (back to real­ity) breaks.

The reason why we chose to teach the "Chair Massage" course on weekends is because it's a very short course and it only lasts a few hours; therefore a weekend seems like the perfect schedule and the natural thing to do.

As a “money gen­er­at­ing” prac­tice, we would ben­e­fit greatly, if we have chosen to teach our longer (30 hours) courses during weekends. Most people don't work on weekends and YES we would be busier. The period of time which lies between two week­ends though can cause “black­outs” and there­fore, it is for granted that every day that goes by will be more than an obsta­cle, than a con­ve­nience. We’ve seen our work in action, and we have prepared many successful students.

As our stu­dents, you will def­i­nitely receive a return on your invest­ment in no time. You will leave from us with “tools” that will guar­an­tee a suc­cess­ful career. You will learn modal­i­ties ready to prac­tice. Noth­ing con­fus­ing, noth­ing point­less. You will know how to assess your clients, how to pro­ceed with your prac­tice, where to start from and where to end your ses­sion. Per­haps this seems obvi­ous to you, but unfor­tu­nately for some instruc­tors, these “details” are not worth their attention.
?Is one week enough in order to learn massage?
Many students ask us, "why in other schools, the courses last much longer"? Well, one explanation to this is the fact that some massage schools include an extended version of "Anatomy & Physiology" (A&P) to the teaching material. In our seminars we discuss about A&P of course, but we mainly focus on the most important elements of the human anatomy and according to my opinion, there's no need to go into depth. Students will have the chance (at a latter stage) to do a more in depth study of the human A&P.

Don't forget that our groups are very small in size (up to 4 students) and that "one of us" is constantly next to "one of you". These facts alone guarantee that in 6 days we can offer the most extensive and detailed courses you can possibly find.
?Some words about us. How qualified are we in order to teach?
We are a small team of dedicated massage professionals. For many years now, along with teaching we offer massage services to a very diverse clientele. Guests from all over the world visit "Massage Therapists - Athens, Greece" for genuine "Therapeutic - Massage Services". Please have a look at what some of our satisfied guests mention about our massage services on TripAdvisor.

We were trained mainly in Thailand and we have endless hours of work experience. Moreover, we teach for many years now and have gradually earned a very respected reputation. Most of our students are successful massage therapists or even trainers themselves.

Mr. Khun (co-owner and manager) holds certificates from the following well known Massage Schools:

  • LANNA THAI SPA ACADEMY, Bangkok - Thailand.
  • ITM (MANTRA SPA) - International Training Massage School, Chiang Mai - Thailand.

For more information about Mr. George Khun and his team, please read here.
?Will I be able to find a job after my training?
Yes you will, but this depends on many factors such as demand and of course your overall performance in class. It also depends on your dedication and of course your motivations. Massage therapy is not just "another job"; it requires a deep respect towards our fellow man and a peaceful and trouble-less state of mind, in order to flourish in your hands.

If you ever need our help, we can surely guide you towards the right direction. Keep also in mind that many Hotels and Spas contact us on a regular basis and request qualified therapists.
?I am worried about my back and my hands. Is this job safe?
To be honest, no-one can guarantee your safety, not even yourself. Unless, you follow carefully some very important rules. Let's just mention a few:

When you start working as a massage therapists you must first remember to "listen" constantly to what your own body is telling you. You should take the necessary time between sessions; you should always focus on your body's posture and try to correct it; you should always nourish and take good care of it. But last but not least, you should try to remember what your teachers were talking about, when they were persisting and asking you to repeat a specific technique, over and over again.
?For how many years can someone work as a massage therapist?
Well, that depends on your personal physical and mental stamina. Some people I know do this job for more than 10 or even 15 years now. It's a common secret though, that most of the massage therapists out there, disengage from actual practice after a couple of years. The reason is not motivation or boredom or even self inflicted injuries; the reason is that somewhere down the line, some opportunity always pops up. Many massage therapists "end up" becoming Spa managers and move on to more administrative duties. Especially in hotels, there are many options and parallel careers (which are not so physically demanding) to pursue.
?Are there any dangers in this profession, especially if you are a girl?
The way I personally see it, dangers exist in every profession. As far as massage is concerned, surely there are some "pitfalls" which one (especially the ladies) should be aware of. We try to give our students (boys and girls) the necessary "enlightenment" in order to avoid misc. mishaps and awkward moments, when working on clients.

It is true that massage has been repeatedly misunderstood and continues to trouble many people around us even today. As I often tend to say, "massage" is one of the most innocent and "divine" services, which one person can offer to another. People who haven't received a professional therapeutic massage treatment (there are still many of them), are the ones who tend to get confused and trouble some of us from time to time.

My approach as an instructor is to of course..."educate" these people. How is this possible? It is possible with our "moral principles" and our high level of professionalism, with our love and passion towards our work, with the respect which we show to our clients and of course the unique results of our work. Having taken all these factors in mind, there aren't many chances for misunderstandings and mishaps left. Of course unless we intend to mislead and confuse people; but that's another story.
?Can I start working straight away?
If you will be experienced enough to start working right after your training, the answer is no. You will need to review and practice everything you have learned during the week you spent with us, before you can start to offer any form of massage services with confidence. If you truly want to expand your experience, you will need to practice on many different body types and age groups. For some people this is only a matter of weeks, and for others it takes a bit longer. Just like any other learning process.

The moment you feel confident enough and you can master a 60' minute massage session, that is the time when you will start thinking about receiving payment for your services. And still you're not quite there yet; it will take months and months before you can really step up and face any professional challenge, with confidence and without any hesitation.
?I am a woman and I don't have much physical power. Will that be a problem?
Physical power as strange as it may seem to you, is not so important in our line of work. If you correct your body posture and you apply the proper "body mechanics", you will easily find an effective way to protect your hands and back on the one hand, and of course you will definitely add more years to your career.

Of course some clients are much bigger than some others, and it makes no sense to try to work on all of them. Trying to perform some deeper work on someone who is twice your size, perhaps won't have the desired results for the client and can possibly put a lot of stress on your own body. In these cases there are some factors which you should have in mind, in order to find out what your limits are. Yes, everyone should know his limits.

The first one is experience; yes with experience you will learn how to take advantage of your own body weight and apply force more effectively, without injuring your joints or putting unnecessary stress on your muscles. Your physical strength will increase anyway as time goes by, either you want it or not (of course if you don't get injured on the way). Using plastic or wooden tools to assist you while applying force on someone's body, isn't a solution. Using cold and hard tools is something that I never encourage you to do; therefore, according to my opinion, these are not part of any solution. On the contrary, they can easily cause harm.

Another factor is compatibility. What I mean by this is: "to know when you have reached your limits". When you first start your practice, you are allowed to be a little picky when it comes to body types. You won't take in a customer who is twice your size, instead you will choose people who are more close to your own figure. These people you can handle more easy. As months go by, you will develop an awareness and it will be much easier for you to decide who you can handle, and who you should avoid. Very soon you will discover that working on much bigger people than yourself, isn't a problem any more. Therefore, you can keep on experimenting until you reach your limits, and come to a point where you'll just say "this is the furthest I can go". If you push yourself above these limits, you will know that you put your personal health in danger.

It's not a good idea though (marketing-wise) to turn down clients. If you work alone and there's no other therapist to take your place (with greater physical powers), you can avoid misunderstandings by just being honest with your potential guests, and inform them about you "limitations". You will be amazed to find out that many people who seek massage therapy are not the "hard core" demanding ones. Even bigger folks can feel rejuvenated with a milder approach. Therefore don't make conclusions by yourself, and every time you see a tall person or an athlete, don't take for granted that "he's here for the deeper work". You should know that deep tissue massage isn't everyone's preference.
?I am a very shy person. Will I need to be "exposed" to others?
Absolutely not. Our students will learn a unique draping system with the use of towels, which guarantees discretion and comfort at all learning stages. The techniques which you will learn to apply on your customers, will be firstly applied on you and your fellow students. Furthermore, the use of underwear is mandatory. Moreover, we take hygiene very seriously and therefore all of our students will need to wash their feet before class.
?What qualifications do I need, in order to take your advanced massage courses?
The only qualifications which you need are the ones mentioned on our "Thai Yoga massage" course page. As you can read here, we request some previous experience.

Also for the short "Chair massage" seminar, we mention that we have designed it in such a way, in order for it to be taught as an "extension" of the "Thai Yoga massage".

For the "Body Oil Massage" and the "Swedish Massage" courses, there are no entry qualifications and there's no need for previous training.
?Do you offer discounts if I book more than one course?
Usually, Yes we do. This depends from the season of the year. You can find all the necessary information here.
?Do I need to bring a model with me?
No, there's no need to bring a model with you. In our courses you will be the model and the therapist, just like everyone else. This is our approach and this is how massage is being taught with success throughout the world.

If you are one of those persons who don't feel comfortable with "touch", then you should reconsider if learning massage is the best thing for you. We would have many doubts to accept you, and possibly you will be encouraged to try your luck with something else instead. Massage isn't just an "easy" way to make money; you should fall in love with it, and discover the benefits it has on your own body first!
?I am a beginner without previous massage experience, what courses can I take?
With no doubt, you should start with the "Body Oil Massage" or the "Swedish Massage" course. We start from the very beginning and try to go as far as one can go. We cover all aspects and give you all the "tools" you will need to get your career started. You won't find a more intensive and comprehensive 30 hour massage course, anywhere else!
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